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    When I try to do a global find it does a soft reset on my T600. Any advice?

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    try findhack 4.... GREAT find app (and works great on the treo)
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    Find can search databases of third party applications you add to Treo in addition to the basic PIM apps of COntacts, datebook, to do and memopad.

    The choice to expose a database to the global find is that of the developer of an application. If their code is sloppy or the datafile becomes corrupt, Find can crash when it goes into that PDB file.

    You can either not use Find or nuke the offending application/datafile.

    My favorite for Find replacer that is rock solid and way more functional is:
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    I tried IntelligentFind and it reset the T600 as well...hummm

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    both the regular "find" app and find hack both reset my treo? Any ideas

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