I received my first set of E-Grips today for my T600. I must say I am very pleased. I really feel better about talking on my phone without a case now (I've been using the Nut-Shell case.) I did want to point out the letter which was enclosed with my set in case anyone is considering ordering them or is having problems with their current set. It reads as follows:


We are in the process of redesigning the egrips for the Treo 600 to make the back slightly narrower and the side pieces wider. This is to accommodate the fact that the Silver plastic inserts on the sides of the Treo 600 are not always flush, causing the edges of the side pieces of egrips to possibly lift on this particular device. However, the new design will not be available for several weeks.

To minimize any edge lifting, place one long edge of the egrips along the edge of the insert so that the other edge is in good contact with the housing. This should eliminate the lifting issue that occurs when one tries to "straddle" the plastic insert by centering the side pieces which casues both edges to not have enough surface contact with the main housing.