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    I have keyguard set to go on every couple of minutes and it closes all applications... is there away to unlock the keyguard and see the last app i was in ?

    Same thing for phone...i open a contact, then switch to look at another app and when i go back, contact is closed and im at the top of the list again and have to keep lookingup the contact ...
    i'd realyl like to stay with the palm contact app

    any suggestions?
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    This is a limitation of the palmOS, and the contact app.

    The PalmOS does NOT multitask. When you switch from Contact to another app, contacts is closed, and gone from memory. When you go back to it, it's re-opened from scratch.

    Some apps save their current state to a preferences database, so when they re-open the can open to where you left off. I don't know which contact managers might do that. TAKEphONE gets rave reviews by some, and there is a very active thread here on the forums about it, so it might be worth checking out. Also try doing a search on "contacts" and see what you might find.
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    Hi omoanya,

    As meyerweb has pointed out there are some complications to achieving what you want. However I have a hint that could partially solve your issue if I understand it correctly.

    With the keyguard on, pressing any of the four main buttons will turn the screen on and prompt you to unlock keyguard with the center key. That much is obvious. It's not so obvious however, that the behavior is different depending on which button you press to turn the screen on. The default behavior is to launch the Phone application with the 1st (far left) button, launch the Calendar with the 2nd, and Mail with the 3rd. My guess is that you are pressing the far left button to unlock keyguard, which would bring up the Phone application and hide any other application you were in. I always press the 4th (far right) button, which by default just turns on the screen and doesn't launch anything. This way you see what was on the screen when the keyguard turned it off. Pressing the button on the top of the phone does the same thing by default.

    Unfortunately I don't have any advice for the Contacts problem, but there is an app out there called McPhling (as well as others) that can be set up to take you to the last application you were in.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!


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