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    Hey there,

    I would like to access my aol email, any ways to do that? It takes to long to go to Are there any ways to utilize wap when going to large sites like aol?
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    That doesn't work well at all.

    I would recommend downloading AOL 3.1 for Palm. You have to pay for it ($20), but it works very well for me, especially in conjunction with mail alerts via SMS (alerting you when a new e-mail arrives and giving you the beginning of it, so you can sign in and check.)

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    My experience is that you cannot download attachments using AOL3.1 but you can if you go to depends how much time and money you have:-) They do not support POP3 so they sell you their own stuff for quick access, if GPRS costs are not a problem, go with web access I say.

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