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    I have a Car charger from my old Treo 300. I've been using it for months and it seemed to work fine. Now I'm experiencing problems. When I plug in the charger it starts charging (indicating the red steedy light and sound). Then it stops, and then starts again.. its seems random. If I turn off the phone it will not happen, but when I used it it happens alot and only when the battery level is low (below 50%) Any ideas?
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    I have experienced the exact same thing with a charger i bought off ebay. I decided not to use it again, because i figured it was damaging the battery. I found my old charger (bought from Handspring) and it works with the T3 and T6 and am using it now. I would suggest either returning the charger if you can, or throwing it away...i'm no professional, but that's what i did

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