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    OK I have read the handbook, played with PDA but am stuck.
    Can I back up (hotsync stlye) to an SD card so that if it crashes away from home I can copy files back to the PDA.
    I am sure it is possible, and have searched TC but cannot find a thread.
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    There are a number of applications that do this nicely. I use "BackupMan" and there is also "BackupBuddy". Try doing a search on these names.
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    I use a utility program called Palm Commander. For $15 it does backups and a lot more.
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    Give myWorkbench a try. version 5.5 just released. a complete file manager with backup/restore, view jpgs and alot more...

    check it out
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    I can only second BackupMan.

    Totall painless, 100% restore from a hard reset.
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    IMHO, Backupman is the best. It's simple to use and does the job well reliably.
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    another one for backupman. like wmf said, "totally painless. have it set to backup each night, and only save 2 backups at a time.
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