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    Ok, if you've never utilized an Internet based web server for storing your data files, you might not think this is useful. I've been using for several years and it has proved invaluable. supports wireless Palm OS devices through a PQA file. Unhappily, this does not work on the Treo 600 (as far as I know...).

    If you're interested in getting support for this sevice on your Treo 600, you'll have to email them (like me) and ask for updated support.

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    this seems interesting at first glance - what does it let you do exactly? the steps they outline for palm based devices don't work i assume?
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    Swapdrive is basically a remote hard disk (it also comes in more advanced versions).

    You get 100MB of space for $7.50 per month. Each additional 100MB of space is an additional $7.50.

    You can use swapdrive to remotely back up folders on your home system, or you can set up a few folders and dish out the password to the account so your associates can use it as a file drop.

    I know you can get much of this functionality with a Web server and an FTP site. However, most hosting packages max out at 100MB or less, and setting all this up can waste a lot of time (time is money).
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    ICD soft provides 333mb of webspace as well as Unlimited e-mail accounts. AND setting up FTP is easy. All this for $65.00 a year! (That includes a domain name)
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    and we can access this from the treo? brings up another question - is there an FTP client for palm?
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    I've seen a few Palm FTP clients... On Palmgear. Do a search and see what is available.
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    I see there are several FTP results for the Palm OS on, but can anyone recommend a specific client with reasons as to why it's "the best"?
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    and/or one's we've tried w/ the 600 specifically... thanks!
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    FTP Client for PalmOS:

    Works great on Treo 600...

    $14.95 on PalmGear:
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    Hello All,
    I've been using VFSFTP+ for the last couple months now since I've had the treo. It only connects on certain ports (21, 1024-32000) but it is decent. It can save to the Palm Internal memory, or to a memory card. Since SD memory cards have been expensive as of late (although they should be coming down soon due to release of 1gb SD card, i'm looking for another 512mbSD card for $80-100) I had been saving my .ogg files that i play on Pocket Tunes Deluxe to the Internal memory using the program called RAMDISK, which has come in handy. I also use SERV-U (Server program for WIN/ALL) for the server on my desktop for me to connect to with my handheld.

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