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    Has anyone out there used Basejet for enterprise-based e-mail or have an opinion as to how it compares to Visto? I am aware of Basejet's push feature, which I do not believe Visto currently offers, but am interested in other performance/interface comparisons.
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    I like basejet, and having tried Visto, but I can't exactly remember why I didn't like it, the reasons I like basejet are:

    it syncs messages: not just receives new ones, you can sync your whole inbox right after installation if you wish.

    address book integration: well, you can't do any lookups, but I use exchange server, and I can address my emails lastname,firstname and they get delivered so long as there unique (ie smi, j will deliver to john smith if he's the only one to match the pattern, otherwise it will fail) This is essential since the emails I receive internally don't have the senders smtp address displayed.

    sync options: destop "push" (sms triggered), device polling, or manual polling.

    Basejet is also very responsive to problems and feature requests, they have a support forum and are very helpful. Although their software has some issues, everytime I try something else, I'm drawn back to them for one reason or another..
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    I've been using BaseJet since August 2002. It was a bumpy ride through beta, bur the product they have out now is the best corporate access going for my money. Visto, who originally authored TreoMail, is just not functional enough if you ask me.
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    I've tried Visto Express, Inbox-to-go, Symmetry Pro and BaseJet. I *think* I've settled on basejet.

    I2G was just buggy. I didn't try very hard, but it just didn't want to work right, and has pretty much no support for the D-pad.

    Visto seemed to work okay, but the option to notify me by SMS when I get a new email doesn't work on the Treo600, so I didn't really try it very long.

    Symmetry Pro is, in some ways, more powerful than BaseJet. It will download contacts and calendar entries (but if you're syncing with outlook you have your calendar anyway, and has what I think are more powerful search tools to retrieve old messages of the server. But it was a little flakey. Sometimes it would tell me I had a new email when I didn't. And sometimes it didn't notify me when it should have. And it kept turning on the New Mail icon in my desktray, even when I had no new mail. It's also quite a bit more expensive the BaseJet.

    BaseJet is far from perfect. Dpad support is missing from a lot of places. Sometimes when it tries to "push" email to my Treo the sync fails with an error that implies my desktop launcher isn't running. But of course it is, or my Treo wouldn't have received the notice that it needed to syn. And yesterday push mail didn't work at all. Worked fine on Friday, is working today, but not Monday.

    I think these are server or network problems at BaseJet, and they need to get a handle on them. But, especially given it's close to half the price of SymPro, it's my choice.

    But all of the above tools have free trials, so see which one works best for you.

    But overall I like
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    Thanks to those who replied. I guess the real question is whether it's worth switching from Visto to Basejet for 6-8 months (hopefully) until Blackberry gets its Palm-compatible software solution together.
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    Originally posted by jip88
    Thanks to those who replied. I guess the real question is whether it's worth switching from Visto to Basejet for 6-8 months (hopefully) until Blackberry gets its Palm-compatible software solution together.
    For what it's worth, I don't think you'll see this happen before the end of the year. This type of thing is notoriously a simple attention grabber. Often times it's complete vaporware.
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    I'm hoping if I post this question at enough threads, I'll eventually get a response.

    I would like an alternative to Sprint's Business Connection that enables access to my office PC files. I happily use Basejet to access my Lotus Notes mail, however it doesn't (to my knowledge) provide access to a desktop folder and its associated files as BC does.

    I successfully use Mobilefile for my home's PC files, but it requires disabling DHCP and defining the IP address. I can't use it for my corporate solution as I'm unable to identify the gateway address of my office network (firewall & VPN security).

    Can anyone suggest an alternative for PC file access through a corporate network?
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    After a five day run with Basejet, I have now uninstalled it and gone back to Visto. While Basejet has nice features and the sync (when it works) is faster than Visto's, I found it just too unreliable. Sometimes the desktop push would work, often it wouldn't. Sometimes the Transporter would pick up new mail, sometimes it wouldn't. Even when it did, sometimes the mail would transfer to my Treo smoothly, but often the transfer would fail with a write error. Maybe these are server problems rather than client problems, but they reduce utility to near zero. And contrary to an earlier post, I thought product support s**ked. Support consists of a forum, which people actually from Basejet appear rarely to visit. On the other hand, after reinstalling Visto, I discovered the product now supports desktop pushing, SMS alerts to my Treo 600, and smooth integration with Docs To Go for attachments. Most importantly, I am actually getting my mail. Clearly, people have had varying experiences, but right now, I don't think there is a comparison.

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