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    Hi. I have asked this before in a post, but recieved no reply. I am having trouble with the standard calendar and I am wondering if anyone could reccomend one that lets you do all the same things but most importantly sets alarms for to do items. I want to set up a bunch of to do items and set it for a certain day but also remind me with an alarm on certain times and dates. For example, set an alarm to go off 1 week before due and then 4 hours before due. Does this exist? Please help because I have missed to many to do's just because they only have a due 'date' instead of date and time. Thanks.
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    The only app I know of is ToDo+ from, but it's not 5-way compatable. You could also set events in the datebook, but that's not as slick
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    I don't understand and might have you wrong, but when I set up an appointment I can go into 'details' and set an alarm for either minutes, hours or days ahead of it, and the alarm clock then appears on the right of the appoinment. Perhaps you are looking for something more advanced?
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    I need a to do app that lets you set alarms for to do items, but then lists them in the calendar above my appointments. Todo+ looks good and I found a few others on that seem like they might do the trick. I just want a solution that is going to force me to remember my appointments as well as when my to dos are due. Personally, I think this should be built into a to do app, because setting a to do for a specific date does nothing but list it in my calendar and if I don't see it or look for it (lots of to dos) then it gets lost and forgotten. If it has an alarm, it comes up in my alerts and I can snooze it......which brings me to my next question......can someone make an app that lets you select the snooze time/date when an alert comes up???? Where it says Ok, snooze, and goto, you should be able to select snooze and then up comes a display to select how long you would like to set the snooze for, a list of preset times would work, such as 1,2,3,5 min etc and/or days. This would be awesome.
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    Agendus by Iambic does this. Agendus is a Datebook replacement which integrates To Do's4
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    Thanks! Do you know if Agendus will let you call from its contact list? Other than that, Agendus looks like a solution for the To do alarms.
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    DateBk5 from Pimlico Software also (www.pimlicosoftware) allows for alarms on ToDo items. This is an excellent (feature laden...almost overwhelming) calendar replacement application. I am not affiliated with them but I am a long time user. The built in Calendar app is actually DateBk3 from the same company.
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    Which one is better? They are both the same price. It looks like Datebk5 can do a lot more, but Agendus seems to handle contacts pretty flawlessly (that is, if you can dial from its list, still dont know the answer) 25 bucks, who gets it?

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