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    I've been trying out AIM on my T300. It is pretty nifty. I do notice, however, that it causes some serious battery drainage. Is this normal for this program? Do verichat and IMchatter have the same effect?

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    I have a 600 and Vision + Chatter killed my battery life. My batter would drain to <10% everyday with only minimal usage. Now that I've dropped Vision, I only re-charge my battery every 3 days.
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    Chatting definately has an effect on battery life.. I figure that both having the screen on alot, plus the amount of network traffic will affect it.

    However my 600 without Vision.. Now there is a scary thought... Man to give up vision would be a pain.. I love my data service.
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    Whether it's a phone, or a portable DVD player, or laptop computer, the battery seems always to be the weakest link.

    Using data is a drain on the battery; the key is to learn what sort of battery performance you're getting, and then to be careful about keeping the Treo charged .

    My Treo lasts about 12-14 hours on average, and that's never been a problem for me, because I charge every night. For someone else, that might be unacceptable.

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    Verichat definitely causes the battery to drain more quickly than when you're not running anything that uses data. When it's in "standby" mode (i.e. verichat running but not actively chatting) I end up with the standard 10-14 hours before getting down to 25% / scary battery capacity.

    [See multiple threads about the dangers of running your battery low - potential to lose data, potential to not be able to recharge with the USB synch/charge cable, etc. I've never had this happen to me personally and I've been down below 25% a couple of times, but forewarned is forearmed.]

    When actively IMing that might be cut to 8 hours or even a little less, due to the screen plus data service.

    You have to assume data service is like "talk time" - if you have 7 days standby and 8 hours talk time, and you're cranking data, it's like you are talking. When Verichat is in standby and not actively chatting I think it "checks in" every couple of minutes for a few seconds, so you're only "talking" a smaller percentage of the time.
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    I recently installed the Chatter version that requires you to re-register all services. Only after reading this thread I realized there could be relation between Chatter and the increased battery drain I've experienced over the last week. I checked the Chatter settings and it turns out it had gone back to the default setting for background IM. After unchecking the box my battery suddenly lasts for two days instead of only one.

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