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    Apart from the obviously cheaper price and the phone connection:

    Could I technically use any GSM network with a sim-free Treo or is there an advantage of having your treo issued by a network because of the email/browser (and other) settings?

    Not sure whether I am explaining myself clearly here....Thanks anyway...
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    You can use an unlocked GSM phone on any network. The simcard should determine your network settings automatically in most cases.
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    Most carriers claim that the branded device has been "optimized" for their network. I think that's a total crock. Its just a ploy to get you to buy phones from them so they make the money on the sale and lock you into a new contract. I was told by many AT&T people, store and phone, that an unlocked phone will not work on their network. The phone will, but the Internet won't. Back then, I believed them. Since then I've used many unlocked phones on their network.


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