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    What do you know. It's the 3rd and SMS is working in dallas
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    Works here in Austin,Texas too. Weid not seeing Vison connect.
    I can send.. Receiving is very slow though..I am shure it will get better. THANKS FOR THE 411
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    I can receive MO-SMS from my Treo, to my Treo from my 10digit, but not my 10digit@mess...from my Treo. I can receive the 10digit@m...from my email and the site.
    Weird... Wonder if Sprint is trying to keep a work around like Treo600SMS form workig?

    BTW, MO-SMS sent from the Sprint website hauls booty...the other ones have lag still
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    bout friggin time!!!
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    Has anyone experienced their phone locking up after trying to send an SMS message from the Treo SMS application? I sent one this morning to test the system, and it sent, but I had to hard-reset my phone.

    Wasn't the software update supposed to fix this?
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    woohoo ( in best homer voice)
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    As of this morning, I can send and recieve SMS here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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    I'm in North Richland Hills, part of the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I can send from my Treo to my wife's cell phone, a Sanyo SCP-5300 also on Sprint. Works great for me, but she's still "referred" to the web based interface. Hope they have an update for her soon as well.
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    I'm in the Houston area. Works down here. No resets.
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    After that initial post (see above), I haven't had any more resets. I friend of mine in the Austin area here also had it reset once, but not again.

    Maybe it was just the first time the SMS software was used after installing the firmware update.

    I've been using SMS in Austin all week and it's working great.

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