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    As brilliant as the Treo 600 is, if I was marketing director of Palm, I would want to update the Treo very quickly for the following reasons.
    1. Brand - I would not want my flagship product branded with another company's logo (Handspring).
    2. Screen - The brightness does not compensate for the lack of resolution. 320 X 320 is now the entry ticket to the game.
    3. Momentum - Marketing is a momentum game, and I would want to quickly capitalise on the recent great articles (ie Treo cult story in New York Times), by raising the standard further and accelerating the sales trend.
    4. Bluetooth - although not everyone wants or needs it (or even understands it), the lack of Bluetooth it is a deal breaker for a signficant slice of the market.
    5. Headset connection - should be a standard jack to compete with other players (in the huge online music growth market), and reduce finnicky add-ons.
    Finally, I would not call it a Treo 610, but something like Treo 600e (for 'enhanced') - so as to maintain the product positioning of the original 600 rather than suggest it is now obsolete. Similar to what Nokia did with the Communicator 9210 and 9210i.
    Anyway, these are all just meant to be constructive thoughts.
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    Taking care of #1 doesn't really require much of an update. Just reprinting manuals, packaging, and changing one part on the assembly line (the phone's outer casing with the logo). Since it seems like they're only making them in small batches and shipping anyway, that doesn't sound like it would be that huge a change.

    However for the other things you mentioned, I don't think they'd be in a rush to change them. If they felt the screen or bluetooth was a deal breaker, they would have put them in the initial version even if they were going broke. Since the phone is still getting rave reviews, I don't think the decision not to have either is hurting them extensively. I personally wouldn't want either if it means less battery life. If they can up the battery (or better yet make it replaceable) then maybe I'd be ok with hi rez or BT. But not as it is now.

    The only one I definately agree with is #5. Having an incompatible headset jack is silly.
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    1. I work for Cirrus Logic. They bought Crystal Semiconductor at least 10 years back. I worked for Crystal. Long story short, due to the great name that Crystal had, Cirrus still uses that logo on some audio producuts due to name reconition. Saying that, why not keep Flip on the treo (and all future treo's ) and add Pa1m Ones name. Or better yet, let Flip be the new mascot. anyone that would know who Flip or Handspring was, would just need the FLip Icon.
    Pa1m One- you'll flip for it.
    Pa1m One- will make you do handsprings

    2. Though a better screen would be nicer, the current one does cut the mustard IMHO. But yes, down the road a new update screen would be nicer.

    3. I agree with marketing, they have always been poor in the PDA arean (unless your not a stand alone PDA company and can afford to "loose" money by marketing). IMHO, the T600 marketing campain has aready surpassed the Treo90-300 one. Perhaps if the marketing was better, I would have not waited so long to get a PDA. I had no idea they were so powerfull when I got my first one, a HS Visor Pro. i thought they were just a glorifed geek address book...LOL boy was I wrong...

    4. Yes, this to me has more importnace then anything else, even though I really don't care about BT myself, BT should come on the board. Better yet, BT and Wi-Fi. If it had to be one, I say BT, that way you could always have a wireless headset and still use the SD/IO slot. I see BT being used alot more then Wi-Fi be the average Joe. I want Wi-Fi, but understand that with the ability to have a wirelss headset, that BT is the best from a marketing/sales poin of view.
    I think all cell phone shuld have BT, just for safty when driving, no need to plug it in, or fumble for the plug..

    5. Treo600 - Sell it cheaper to flush out any surplus
    Treo600e - enhanced
    Treo600g - Government version with no camera (based on the T600e)

    6. with all of todays high tech stuff, there has to be a single IC that can do both BT and Wi-Fi and keep the cost down.

    Just my 2-cents and opinion, matt burkhard
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi

    [blah, blah, blah]

    and add Pa1m Ones name. Or better yet, let Flip be the new mascot. anyone that would know who Flip or Handspring was, would just need the FLip Icon.
    Pa1m One- you'll flip for it.
    Pa1m One- will make you do handsprings
    just say no to the flip
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    on the screen, no such screen (302*320 in that size) existed when the T600 was developed. now one exists, but it is extremely expensive.

    on bluetooth, i think the issue is sprint. personally, i like the "unlmimited" data they offer; this would not be the case on a BT phone. clearly sprint is the bigger customer. they could have offered it on the GSM version, but separate development is expensive. so is bluetooth; it is not an open standard and is licenced piecemeal...VERY expensive for a small-run product...maybe Palm can muster it.

    wifi? on a phone? If this is a deal breaker, i think you should have bought a PDA.

    on the HS brand...maybe they'll change it, but HS is a recognized brand.

    on the jack...evey other phone has a jack of this size. if it were 3.5mm, the phone headsets wouldn't fit. they chose the lesser of 2 evils.

    on the is 50% larger than the biggest palm PDAs already. making it removable will cut several hundred mAh's from the capacity.
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    A few thoughts:

    Hi Res Screen - I don't think 320x320 TFT screens are overly expensive at this point (look at low end Tungsten E and Clie SJ series - superior screens in devices at or under $199) - they just didn't have the development capital 18 months ago when the Treo 600 was in the oven - now it should be a no brainer.

    Bluetooth - there will be no bluetooth while they're tied to Sprint UNLESS Sprint offers a higher priced Vision or pay per byte program - Sprint is positively paranoid about hooking up notebooks and desktops to their network

    Wifi - I agree - overkill

    Battery - Even if you lost 20% of capacity, two 1400 mah batteries would be far superior to one 1800 that drains in a day (of heavy use). I'm not complaining, because I've got rechargers everywhere (car, desk, home, AA battery pack) but would still like the comfort of a spare battery
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    HS seems to have no problem selling every one they make with the current tech. Whether that's because they are deliberately limiting production I have no idea, but the things you site don't really seem to be hurting sales very much.

    If they upgrade exists, and all it offers is BT and a higher res screen, at least I can save my money. I have no problem with the current screen, and I think BT is still a solution in search of a problem. No, I take that back. It's really not even a very reliable solution.

    OTOH, if the "610" offers ringtones I can hear in my pocket while I'm at the mall, and/or a vibrate mode that's actually useful, then I may part with some green.
    Bob Meyer
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