I've done a lot of C/C++ development in the past but no development for PalmOS although I'm currently acquiring all of the tools to do so.

I'd like to put a feeler out there for the potential interest in the software that I'd like to develop for my own personal use and also gauge the success of those that have released software under the GPL and accepted donations for their efforts.

The basic premise is that I want a piece of software that will periodically rotate through a series of pictures in a particular category and set them to the wallpaper. Here is a short list of the features I'm considering:

* Customizable rotation period or set time (i.e. rotate every X mins/hours or at midnight each night)
* Customizable category for pictures to be used for wallpaper
* Ability to point to a webserver as a source for pictures (obviously a custom page that is tbdtbdtbd)
* Automatic resizing of images based on whether the navigation buttons are turned on or off in the phone app

Would anyone else have any interest in this? The plan right now is for the app to be free (released under GPL) as I do not particularly care to be bound to supporting it but I would like to know if anyone has gotten even a dime off of donations for GPL'd software that they've released.