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    My first Treo had a blown speaker. Handspring sent a replacement promptly. Three weeks ago a faded spot appeared on my screen. I could deal with that. No biggie. Last week I started getting the dreaded "network search" problem. Couldn't call in or out on the phone unless it was plugged into the charger or immediately after a FULL charge. Today I took it to a Sprint store for the diagnostic. They said it was an "output problem". I'm ASSUMING this meant the phone wasn't transmitting enough power to reach a tower(?). Anyway, they ordered a replacement for me. Now the waiting begins. They said 2-3 days but who really knows. No whining here, I just thought I would share this experience with the group.
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    check the thread next to yours...]

    P.S. Where did you buy your phone?
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    A little update for you all; exactly 48hrs from going to the sprint store for the failed diagnostic test on Monday I have my new phone! A refurbished one but it looks BRAND new. No network search problem so far...this is a REV C phone and I havent applied the update yet. Probably won't since I already have SMS through an app and I have learned over the years not to fix something if it isn't broke....As much as I hate calling and talking to tech support I have to admit I have recieved speedy service from sprint on my broken treo's.....

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