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    On my desktop, I usually set my browser homepage to "about:blank" so that it loads fast and I can pick a favorite or type a URL.

    So I tried "about:blank" in Blazer:

    "Prometheus about page"

    What other urls are accepted in Blazer?
    I know about palm: and palmcall:
    It would be great to be able to browse local
    files "file:/card/path"
    Anyone know about these tricks?
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    I just set blazer to load favorites first and then I just pick the one I want. Just look in blazer's preferences.
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    Think you missed the point webslappy, opening to about:blank is primarily for people who want the absolute fastest loading times and then they can pick a site to go to from there. I'm with you jaslo, my desktop also has about:blank as the homepage. Are you saying that there's an equivalent in Blazer? If so that's good to hear (I haven't had a chance to play around with the treo that extensively yet since I don't have my own).

    What does palm: and palmcall: do?
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    Originally posted by jennyfur
    Think you missed the point webslappy...
    wouldn't be the first time.

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