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    Searched forums, other sites...has anyone ever gotten the SPrint Business COnnection Personal Editon to service more than one user from a single instance of the desktop app? They have this connection sharing feature but after trying everything we cannot get it to work....
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    I believe the connection sharing is when you delegate your connection to someone else because you have to disconnect your computer from the company network.

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    I got it to work for a few months before getting my Treo (and Goodlink).

    It is very temperamental and for some bizarre reason you can't use it with the software (you have to go to on Blazer or the Web).

    But overall it worked okay given that it was free.
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    Thx masonuc - couple of follows ups:

    My BCPE client works fine for me. My corworkers works fien for him. He requested sharing of mine, I accepted and it shows in my web account for BCPE. He has set delegate status but his Treo client does not work.

    1) What steps did u take and

    2) Are you saying it only worked if he goes to the BCPE site and logs in using Blazer - so no Treo client usage - I think u, are just checking
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    I have been unable to share a coworkers connection as well. Spent 4 hours last Friday trying to get it set up to no avail. Now, I am on the road for three weeks with no access to corporate email except through dial up on the laptop. IMO it is a shame that this functuonality is not easy to set up.
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    I think what worked for me was reinstalling everything after we approved each other's connections. I also had major problems at first and it took forever to get working. I remember the rep was nuts when he told me that it was fairly easy and most people didn't have any problems.

    Re question 2: yes -- no client.

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