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    Does anyone use Documents to Go PROFESSIONAL EDITION (V5.004)?

    I had this version installed on my Tungsten C but since I switched over to the Treo 600 I have not been able to clearly view documents on my Treo. It's as if each line of text is cut in half (no matter what the font or font size -- I have no idea what the problem could be!

    I downloaded a trial version of the premium edition and it solved the problem but I was (obviously) hoping to use the version that I already have.

    Does anyone else use the version that came with the Tungsten C?

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    I had Version5 too, I had to buy V6 to get it to work with the treo600. This was back in October.
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    I find that you cant use the directional pad within Docs to go, atleast with Excel files.

    Is this something that will eventually be supported in a future upgrade of the software?
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    Yes, the DTG people are looking into it. What functions would you like to see the 5-Way support in the Docs for example?
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to know that I'm not losing my mind.
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    Can you read PowerPoint email attachments from the Handspring email app? I purchased DTG v.6.005.

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