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    You're welcome I just finished listening to a 23 hour book (Bag of Bones). I was curious how distracted I would be by the everyday goings on in my home (3 teenagers, 1 granddaughter and 3 cats make a lot of commotion). I found that it's very easy to plug in and listen and I think I actually absorbed more of the story than when I sit and read. (I tend to read very fast and skim over parts of a book. ) Plus now, I can "read" while I cook dinner and do lots of other things where reading a book just wouldn't work.
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    Once again, the TreoCentral group comes through. I was flailing with iSilo trying to get stuff to read and found Aaron C's review in this thread of the choices. Based on that I downloaded Mobipocket (and wouldn't have had I not seen Aaron's note about the freebee version) and BAM all my docs popped into the library and were easily available to read. I turned them sideways (90deg) and put a nice soft yellow background in.

    Life is wonderful now. Thanks Aaron.. working my way through a free Doc Savage right now (haven't seen one in about 30 years).

    Support and Gutenberg!!!!!!!
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    Glad I could help banquo.
    Now if only I could find a website for Goldeagle books to lobby them to produce ebooks. I finaly had to break down and buy the last three deathlands and outlands series of books in paperback.
    Does anyone have a list of publishers emails/webpages where we can go and ask politely for them to make their books availble in a digital format. In the case of Goldeagle I cant even find a website...guess they must be under one of the big houses that I havent found yet.
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    Is there still a free version Palm Digital Media Reader? I can't seem to find it! Any other free eBook readers?
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    mbipocket is still free for the basic version.
    here is a link for ereader:
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    Right...I downloaded Mobipocket, but is it able to read .pdb files? I have a bunch of .pdb files and am not sure how to open them, as Mobipocket doesn't have an Open function. It looks like it might be looking for them in a specific directory, but I'm not sure where?
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    ereader should do the trick. As far as I know mobi does read .pdb files. It looks for them at the root of the sd card as well as the root of the palm mem. I have a few pdb extension books. Maybe the format for the .pdb file you have is diffrent. I know I have a book from fictionwise that is a pdb that only shows up in ereader. Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by chazglenn3
    I have wanted to try Audible, but did not want to pay just to check it out...this is good news, but how does one get the free trial??? I went to the site, but didn't see the trial offer...
    There are a number of free audible books available and you can purchase individual books without subscribing. I was an audible listener long before I subscribed after getting my Treo 600.

    I also agree with lb505 I get more from this media I think because I visualize better by hearing than from reading. I also can do things (drive, shop, groom, dress for work, etc.) which don't interfere.

    (Bag of Bones is a really weird book, BTW).
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    I did some research on the whole eBook thing. I haven't read any books on my Treo yet but I would like to start. So, here is what I found:
    utility for converting .lit (Microsoft Reader) files into open format,CASE=29863
    PalmOne's own list of eBook sites
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    I like to roll my own, too. I just used's "DropBook" utility to create an ebook of the out-of-print 1981 pulp novel "Sisters" by Lynne Cheney. Cover image, chapter breaks... it was a snap.
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