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    Last week I traveled to the US and tried to check e-mail with my Treo 600 using dial-up internet.

    Although I was able to conect and successfully sinc my e-mail a few times, it was a very tough task to accomplish (I probably connected 2 times out of every 15 attempts, even when signal strength was very good). I noticed that at times the service provider was T-Mobile, and at other times it was ATT Wireless. Would this have anything to do with it?

    Has anybody found a stable way to sync using a dial-up connection while roaming?

    Thanks for any input.
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    I'm confused...
    Are you trying to check your email, or are you trying to sync ?
    I haven't used a dialup since early in my Treo270 days, but using a GPRS connection, it works perfectly. I spent last week in Nevada, and I use Snappermail to check my four pop email accounts every 30 minutes, and I use OWA-PDA from to check my Exchange server at work.
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    Does leedershire require IT to put anything on the exchange server to allow your connection? I'm looking for a solution too!

    Thanks, Mac!
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    McTreo, check your PM's

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