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    Does anyone know how I can access aol mail on a treo 600?

    I found a program on palmgear
    AOLŪ 3.1 for PalmŪ Handhelds

    Does this work on a treo 600 and is it any good?

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    Yes it works on T600, but cannot download attachments. AOL cons us into buying it's own programme as they do not support POP3 mail, therefore mail wont work with any other Palm mail tool.
    You can access your mail using Blazer, and
    But it is a time consuming procedure. Not sure if you can download attahcments there either, you can try and let me know.
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    If you want to get AOL attachments and your AOL mail with a POP email client, have a look at IzyOnline Mail:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone

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