Hi all,
I'm a timid big time lurker from Italy and enjoy very much this community. My brand new Orange (no, we don't have Orange in Italy javascript:smilie('')
javascript:smilie('') ) Treo 600 is finally coming this week, and the time has come for me to start a thread (guess it is my first one) with a question that should be very easy for some of you guys.

After reading quite alot about car GPS solutions, I'm oriented towards the iTrek or the Holux + Mapopolis.

Because I have a car hi-fi with a frontal aux line in, I know that I could use the car speakers for playing mp3s and as a speakerphone for phone calls, while using the Treo 600 internal mick, conveniently arranged between the vents.

My question is, if I used the mentioned serial GPS devices for obtaining directions from their internal speaker, can I still - simultaneously - use the Treo stereo line out for playing mp3s and making phone calls? Or is there some technical reason preventing this?

Thanks in advance!

My best regards to all you guys of the forum.