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    Is SMS working on Sprint in NYC yet?
    if not, any idea when?

    I get a strange message:

    "An error occurred (52) when sending this message."

    It used to say that the service is not available, has anyhting changed?
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    Nope, Nothin changed... still not workin'
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    Well, it is working perfectly for me in midtown and downtown Manhattan (I have not been anywhere else recently). Has been like that for a week now (even before I did the upgrade).
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    Want to add I have only been doing SMS between two Treo 600 on Sprint in Manhattan.

    Maybe it does not work with all phones? Or not with other networks? Or not if the 2 phones are not in the same area? No idea....
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    Not working in Brooklyn.
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    <<<------------Brooklyn I guess it's the same as Manhattan
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    Doesn't work for me either.
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    working perfectly in manhattan for me. midtown and downtown mostly. Upstate (Rockland county) is definitely not working yet.
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    Works great for me.

    Strange how it seems to only work for about half the people. That can't be based on location in NYC since its pretty damn small, no? They wouldn't roll it out by individual tower! At least, I wouldn't think they would.

    Guys who are having problems, did you install the treo600 updage?

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    I spoke with Sprint yesterday and they stated that sms would be up 2/3/04 nationwide. The cities that have sms now are test sites per Sprint. They also stated that the service will be free until the end of February and then there will be a charge (free for PCS Vision unlimited plans).

    However, it seems as if every time I call them, I get a different answer. I can guarantee that if I call them now I will get a different answer. If fact, I may cal them this moring and post their new response. We shall see how truthful they are about 2/3/04. Sprint being a communications company definitely has communication problems within.
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    Okay, I am on the phone with them right now. They are stating that sms was suppose to be launched today but that has changed. It is now............(I'm on hold waiting for answer).............rollout was pulled and there is no new launch date.

    Once again, a different answer.
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    I Live in Queens NY, No SMS working here, i dont understand why it would only work between two treo's here in nyc, i dont know anyone else who own a treo. Anyways they should get it up and running soon.
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    working for me in midtown and upper east side
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    I am in Midtown, 45th and 5th right now and I can't send SMS to another Sprint phone. The Sprint phone isn't a Treo 600, but it is a new full featured phone that presumably has SMS.

    Once Again I get the error (52) when sending this message.

    Come on Sprint, I could send SMS 3 years ago on my Nokia!

    Lets get it together!!!
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    I work downtown and live in Jersey City and it has been working fine for me to Spint and non-Sprint phone numbers.
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    Maybe it depends on the data plan.

    It is working for me, I am on the PCS Vision Picture thing (500 voice minutes).
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    For whatever reason I am able to send and receive SMS without crashing and without having installed the ROM update. I haven't tried it at home (Summit, NJ), but here at 52nd and Madison it's fine.
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    People generally seem to be able to use Sprint's new SMS service in Manhattan. Where are the recipients? It's just a thought, but perhaps both handsets have to be in the test area?
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    To clarify, works fine for me on 34th street and on wall street. That includes non-sprint phone in and out of the city.
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    Is this all location based or phone number based? I have a 201 area code number and live in Hoboken and have not been able to send any SMS. Ditto when I use the same phone in midtown. Those of you who have been successful -- do have a 917 phone?
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