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    Originally posted by Mahootzki
    Yeah, I'm finding that, too.

    That's not really surprising, though. I mean, the service hasn't even ben offically launched for Sprint's entire network. What we're seeing is just the test areas for the new service, right? Besides which, we can all expect to be complaining about lack of service even after it's supposed to be fully operational. Whoo-boy, we'll all get to do some real complaining then!
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    I've stated that Brooklyn is not working for me.

    BUT it did work for me today in Manhattan and it was pretty cool. I was able to use the SMS feature to and email phone#'s and also regular email addresses. Is that how SMS works since I am new to it.

    It worked for me all the way from 30th Street and 2nd Avenue all the way to Bowery - around Chinatown. By the time I got on the Manhattan Bridge, I was unable to try anymore because of the hazardous rain while driving.

    But as soon I was in Brooklyn by the Prospect Expressway, SMS DID NOT WORK ANYMORE.

    Thought I'd let you guys and gals know.
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