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    I turn my T600 on and off ALOT.

    Is there a way to disable the requirement to "Press Center Button to unlock" feature.?

    I would rather just be able to just press the keyguard button or the power button to turn it back on.
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    Not 100% sure on what you're trying to do, the only thing available to you is to not lock the keypad(prefs, keyguard,never). What do you mean by "switch off"? Wireless off?

    Have mine set to switch off screen/keylock after 2 mins but don't really find it a hassle to press two buttons. This is in keeping with the majority of wireless devices and is preferable to one long keypress to unlock as these are too easily disabled, leading to inadvertent dialling or data entry.
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    Disable keyguard in Prefs->Keyguard.
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    Originally posted by mfacelle
    Disable keyguard in Prefs->Keyguard.
    This was one of the first things I did on my T-600 because it annoyed me too... It was also one of the next things I undid a day or two later after my phone inadvertantly dialed numbers without my knowledge twice in a short period. Not sure why it is so sensitive, I never had this problem with a Samsung I-300 I had for 2+ years. Admittedly, it had fewer hard buttons.
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    Originally posted by ProDucer
    Just FYI, PocketProtector has recently been updated for the Treo 600. See my thread on PocketProtector for more information on how to download the beta. The release version on my site does not support the Treo 600.

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    I've been testing the beta of pocket protector for the Treo 600 and so far I'm very happy. It let's me prevent the hard buttons from accidently turning on the device while in my pocket, while letting me turn it on via the top power switch without having Keyguard nag at me.
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