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    Any progress in fixing the endless reset loop problem?
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    Have purchased already. How will we receive the new upgrade ?
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    Have now reinstalled Lightwav and gone into endless loop......
    Uninstalled and hard reset. Waiting for possible solution. Its' a program I have purchased and will use when it is more stable. At the moment it is causing too many crashes and resets. It is the only new program I have added and Treo was stable upto that point.

    Installed programs
    Bobs Alarm
    Palm Bio
    T600 Butler
    DB viewer
    net Clock
    Power one plus
    Agendus Pro
    Radio Control

    Thanks for all your efforts. TC
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    Originally posted by 03Range
    OK guys, I'm a complete novice when it comes to this stuff so I dont know much about what you're all talking about. However I do know that I want to use MP3's as my ringtones and alarms.

    I just registered my Ptunes and have downloaded the trial for LightWav. I would appreciate it if someone would walk me through step by step to begin using the MP3's that I have stored on my PC as ringtones. Also please keep in mind that I do NOT have an SD card yet. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned being able to use the T600's RAM. I would love to know how to do this.

    Thanks a bunch!
    You can't play mp3's without an SD card. Eventually you'll be able to use a converted wav, but that's not available yet.

    Go get yourself an SD card! You are missing half the point of owning the 600!!!
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    I found a bug in the beta version. sometimes the mp3/tone assigned to the voicemail notification suddenly goes off for no reason
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    I was using the trial version with few problems. Today I purchased it and now when I receive a call if I ignore the call, the sound keeps playing or the phone locks up and I have to soft reset.

    Answering the call causes a soft reset.
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    I'm using the newest release beta verstion. When I received call, I couldn't get the pop-up window to close. I had to soft-reset.
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    Originally posted by dishon22
    I found a bug in the beta version. sometimes the mp3/tone assigned to the voicemail notification suddenly goes off for no reason
    I was encountering that problem with Lightwav 1.0 but it was affecting the mp3 assigned to the Ringtone.

    Now that I've upgraded to the new Lightwav beta, my 600 is now stuck in some crazy reset loop. I had to delete Lightwav in order for it to stop.

    I tried going back to Lightwav 1.0 but when I launch it, a reset occurs.

    I've tried doing a System reset but to no avail.

    I'm not a happy camper right now.
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    Unfortunately this software is causing too many crashes to the extent that it is unusable in a working environment. It is unpredictable. One minute it appears to work smoothly and you see the potential of Lighwav, the next it crashes and you are left tearing your hair out yet again. I have asked for a refund from the developers until a more satisfactory and stable version of this software becomes available. I have used both the first and latest beta versions with the same or similar problems.
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