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    I searched the forums to no avail. I have had me Treo 600 for a week now and I just noticed that the active screen does not fill out all the way to the right, there is a 1/16 area that black. I did not notice this before, but could it be the update that I just did? I installed Snappermail, LauncherX, and a couple of apps that came with Snappermail. I did a Hard Reset, but it did not work. Anyone else missing some of the screen? Thanks for you help.
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    After more staring at the screen, it appears that it is just not centered. Anyone know if this is fixable?
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    Thats the way it was designed. They're all that.
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    search again, this has been talked about since day one. All 600's are that way. That's just the way they are made. You'll get use to it.
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    It not just the Treo 600, but pretty much every PDA.
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    The screen was shifted during the design faze of the T600. The screen was shifted over to make the T600 as small as possible. THere is nothing to worry about, it is susposed to be like that.
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    Thanks all for clearing that up, now I won't be so obsessed with it.

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