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    Often when I HotSync, at the end there's a dialog box asking if I want to put the app in a sandbox.
    What does this mean?
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    You must be synching to some applications or PIM software not included with the Treo. What conduits are listed in your HotSync Manager|Custom.. list?
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    It is so temptinl
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    This means you have uninstall manager on your Treo. When ever you install a new app it will ask this question. Basically if you say yes the new will be opened and you can test it right then. Once you are finished it will give you an option to keep or delete the app.
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    You probably have a program called Uninstall Manager.

    Uninstall Manager (a third party app) allows you to place new programs into a "sandbox" that allows you to uninstall them easier if you don't like them or they cause conflicts.

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    Many thanks...that's it.
    I do have Uninstall manager.

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