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    Does anyone know where I can find a Black Covertec Form Fitting case for the Treo 600, IN STOCK NOW?

    I checked both Mobile Planet (which is where the Covertec site redirects you to when you try to order and Treo Central and both show deliveries at the end of February.

    Ebay only has a couple of red and brown ones.

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    I'll sell you mine. PM me if your interested. Used a total of 4 hours.

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    PM sent.

    I'd still be interested in hearing from anyone else who might know where this case is currently available from...............
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    Back in early Dec I ordered one from Covertec's France web site and had it in about 10 days.
    I think Covertec is actually a french company.
    I had originally had mine on order with Mobile Planet for like a month and a half and got tired of waiting.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I gotta figure someone in the U.S. has it...

    At least I hope.
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    In case anyone else is looking for this case in black, I found it here:

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