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    wow man this guy is making the best zlauncher background images i have seen yet he has the simpsons and micheal angalo
    and da vanci i email him he that that he only support the treo 600
    and he will be coming out with icons and skins to beside the killer wallpaper hes got out now check out his background for zlauncher
    for the treo 600
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    The wallpaper is a non-issue, as you can use any image for that. I've been making my own wallpaper for ZLauncher and am quite happy with it. What I want are some of the skins that are only available for Hi-Res for ZLauncher. I would love to be able to use the Star Trek theme, but alas, it's only for Hi-Res.
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    Is it possible to use a photgraph stored in the Treo600 camera application as a backdrop in Zlauncher? How do would you go about this?


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