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    Just wondering if any of you guys know bit more about this issue.

    Since the T600 does not have any kind of GPRS disconnect timeout once initiated it's always connected (green arrows), Since I have an unlimited GPRS plan I'm not worried about usage, but I am concerned that it will drain the battery faster (open connection). Anyone can confirm?

    Also, it would be nice to set a timeout, or at least a faster way to disconnect (going into Prefs --> Network -- Disconnect is not that user friendly when you pull emails once an hour or so), anyone know of such a utility?

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    My Sprint T600 definately has a lower battery life when constantly connected with the double green arrows.

    When I travel I manually turn it off by powering on and off so that I am only in the wireless mode. It saves a consideral amount of battery time.
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    You can also go to Prefs, Network and tap Disconnect.

    ...You two are really getting a situation where you have a continuous active data connection? That seems sort of screwed up. My experience has been that the Treo lets the connection go idle (grey arrows) pretty quick. It still has a, well a "connection," but no activity. (I seem to remember the phrase "flagfall" being connected to this concept.) Anyway, that sucks about the battery life. Bummer.
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    I have loaded the Treo600 Connection Manager (see another thread about that program) in order to save battery. I found it did not work because my green arrows never turned grey. I contacted the developer, who asked me to post here to ask if anyone has experience with his program on the GSM Treo. I also called Palmone/Handspring, who assured me that it is correct that the arrows stay green on the GSM version.

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