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    Well its been three months for me and the trouble issues have settled down and I am use to the poor camera and 160x160. I love the form size, Keyboard, battery life and basic default app funtionallity. So i'm happy with my T600.
    Now phase two is the never ending search for better applications so can someone provide a review or comment on the Best Contacts Replacement. I dont' need 3000 contacts I just want a quick, good looking, functional, integrated, cheep, searchable contact list....
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Dataviz's ( Beyond Contact's is a pretty good piece of software. Supports one-handed operation/dialing via the Treo's 5-way D-pad.
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    This is an all in one contact management / calendar / todo / and email! I originally got it for another device but moved it over to my new Treo600 and it works great! I would recommend the new Pro version 7.
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    The only issue is the the enhanced PIM don't integrate with the native apps, and some features like Caller ID and SMS ID don't work without a slight work-around
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    Get KeySuite.

    It works greast syncs great and is made by Chapura the same peopel you sync with all the time with Pocketmirror so you know it works...

    I sync both contacts and KeySuites Keycontacts because too many apps need the native contactrs.. there is no way around that.
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    @ Mike

    do you get 2 errors after every sync...something with KeyContactaB and KeyContactAb databases?

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