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    Well, looks like everything worked out with Derek & Treocentral... I for one am very happy.. check it out, and let's support him
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    Derek's timeless ploy of holding out for the cash while proving his products worth paid off. Our sympathy in the thread regarding this issue was very helpful to his cause.

    Well done!!
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    Ok, I'll bite. I don't get it... what was this ploy exactly?

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    From previous posts, it was apparent he tried to sell the site to treocentral, for what ever reason the deal stalled, then he dropped the site because everyone was so mean in their emails to him, then a thread started where dozens of people screamed for the sites return (it is a very useful site), then BAM, it is up again via treocentral.

    I think it was brilliant on his part..
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    Well worth the hoopla here. Dude that was one heck of a move there.
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    I like the site, no matter what peripheral BS was/is going on. That's all I care about.

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