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    For the information of all orange uk users. I have found that after upgrading to rom 2.09 all the problems which made the orange UK t600 so unreliable have dissapeared. I am now really proud of ownership of my treo, which has not crashed during a call for 2 weeks. Orange get your act together and find out and give info to your customers which will solve the issues relating to unreliabillity by distributing upgrade 2.09 to all. BTW I am not sure if its the old firmware which caused trouble to us orangemen, or it was orange's "downdates" which did it. My assumption is that it was orange at fault, as the problems where pretty undocumented here on tcentral, but ask UK orange t600 owners and they know where I am coming from.
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    Is this update officially released by Orange? Will the update void the warranty? And where to download the update?

    Thanks in advance
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    I guess it will take some time to find but you will if you try. As for the warranty I think it legally voids it but as it is sent by mail it won't be a prob. I don't think. Orange is unaware that 2.09 exists (or so they say at tech support)!!
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    Have you guys by anychance tried unlocking your t600's using the patch? I have updated my firmware, but I don't seem to be able to unlock my Treo using the patch. But you know what? I did like my Orange splash screen when I turned the phone part of it on!
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    Oh by the way - FW 2.09 isn't hard to find, I don't have the URL, but I did a Google search and found it in no time!
    - Good luck
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    Thank you mates. I did the upgrade and also patched my Treo 600. Everything works flawlessly so far.
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    So is you UK Orange Treo unlocked now? Have you tested it? Or is it just upgraded?

    I managed to upgrade, but have failed to unlock my baby... But everything DOES work just mighty fine!
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    Yes the works fine, unlocks your phone, at least until your next upgrade, then you will have to unlock again.

    I for one am glad to be rid of the Orange logos and stuff, each to their own I guess.
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    Yes the does unlock my phone. I tried a Hong Kong SIM card and it worked. BTW, the upgrade also solves Chinese SMS compatability problem.

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