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    Hi all,

    I added Treo 600 5-way Nav support to iRogue 1.1.1 by Bridget Spitznagel.

    I submitted a patch on the iRogue Sourceforge site to try to get the change into the next official iRogue release by the author.

    In the meantime, I tossed up an unofficial release of the prc with my changes applied here:

    The official release of 1.1.1 by the author is on the iRogue project page at

    P.S. Up, Down, RLeft, RRight, and RCenter map to the 5-way in the Bindings screen. I don't know why RUp and RDown do not map to the 5-way.
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    Gosh, I know this is a pretty old thread; but what a great mod. I've been looking for this for ages!

    Thanks Stormwind.
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    5 way action don't help when you get in the middle of a worm swarm..
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    Awsome mod! I now have you to blame for many wasted hours at work

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