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    Just got my bill and noticed something new:

    PCS Wireless Web Messaging/Updates Summary

    And then it lists PCS Wireless Web Messages in Plan as unlimited and 55 messages used.

    Not sure what this is capturing--picture mail, Treo600SMS messages sent, and Verichat. But, regardless, it looks like SMS WILL be unlimited based on this, at least with my plan (which is basically the minimum, since I don't use the Treo as a phone--just for data).

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    I think that "web Alerts" or "Web Updates" are different then SMS.
    You have 55 used, do you get weater sent to you from MSN or the like. Stock quotes or anthing else that is sent to your Treo other then an SMS from a friend? Notice from Hotmail that you have mail?
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    wireless web messages is not SMS.

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