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    Hey guys,

    I think I lost my Cingular software CD that came with the Treo on my trip to CES. Would any of you kind souls be willing to post up an ISO of it I could download? I know everything is available on the web site, but I'd rather have the original CD if possible. Thanks in advance!

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    You may want to tell people where you live, so they can see if the **** kiss is workable.
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    Given the number of tmo users who bought unlocked Cingular phones, you may be able to find someone who will give their CD away.
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    I'd be happy to make ya a copy and send it to ya if you'd like.
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    I really need this too. Do I have to kiss your **** for it? I live in Alabama too so I can. I'd kiss your **** as much as you want for this cd!!!

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