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    This morning I installed the Palm Desktop software on a second computer to have a backup site for doing hot synchs. After installing the software with no problems, the first hot synch failed midway, and the Treo just kept flashing the Palm splash screen. Soft reset and system reset did not have any effect, so I pressed and held the power button, resulting in a hard reset. After moving back to my original computer, I did another hot synch, which completed without incident, leading to a dialog box stating that I now had to press OK to reset the handheld to complete the synch. On pressing OK, the Treo again went back to flashing the Palm splash screen and I was back where I started. After experimenting with various combinations of sych configurations and software installs, it appears that as long as I do not install any software that requires a reset, I'm fine, but if I install something like Visto, which does require a reset after installation, as soon as I press OK for the reset, I have no way out other than a hard reset. The Treo is an international (unlocked) version, with firmware 2.08. Any suggestions?
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    Not exactly an outpouring of help (or maybe just a general lack of interest), but here's the answer in case anyone else experiences this problem. According to Handspring support, the flashing "Palm Powered" splash screen after a hot sync is actually a fairly common condition that is due to Palm OS 5 choking on an uncompatible application. After a long process of trial and error, on my system, it turned out to be a Go game application, which is supposed to be OS 5-compliant, but apparently is not. Interestingly, my Treo did not have a problem with this application out of the box with firmware 2.01, but the problem surfaced after I upgraded to 2.08 and persisted with 2.09.
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    did you install the graffitti 1 library files on your treo

    that can pose a problem (it did with me)

    if you did, this is what you need to do...

    just goto your backup folder (C:\Prog files\Handspring\username\Backup)

    and look to see if there is a graffitti_library.prc and/or graffitti_library_enus.prc

    if they are there, move them to another folder temporarily


    once you are set back up again with the apps on your palm, use the install tool to add those 2 files to your SD card.

    finally, use Filez or a util like it to copy the 2 files from the sd card to the palm card.

    do a soft reset and you should be good to go.

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