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    I hate to start another thread, but it's exhausting trying to read through all the messages on the 1.10 Update thread.

    I just want to ask for any recomendations on whether people think it is worthwhile doing the update to Sprint's 1.10 fw or not?

    My 600 is working flawlessly, no battery issues, I don't have a lot of "tweaking" type of apps installed on it. If I don't upgrade, what will I be missing? Incomming SMS seems to still work fine. Thanks for any thoughts!
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    I thought there was a "poll" post about this? If so, see what the poll says.

    No one can tell you, you need to deside for your self young grasshopper...

    Just remember, if all else fails, read/follow the directions...

    Good luck on your quest for truth and enlightnment..

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    I am also unsure about installing the upgrade. My 600 has been working fine for over two months. I guess I will have to keep reading. There are a few threads started on the subject. If there are no serious problems reported, I may give it a try. Haven't found the poll yet...but I will keep looking. I would hate to have problems on a phone, that has been working great, after installing an update to 'fix' it.
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    I'd hold off. I installed it, and every time I hit the right-most "power" button, my phone soft-resets. Weird. Don't install. Mine was working fine before and is now totally screwed up, though I may be in the minority.
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    Mine was working fine, and still is, there are a bunch of threads on this. I'll start a poll for ya.

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