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    So since the TextMessenger doesn't seem to be working in DC (anywhere?) and SMS isn't up and running as of yet here, a friend and I decided to try Treo600SMS for the trial period to see how well it worked. Well, it seems to be a great program and much better than the TextMessenger (which we were expecting), however, we've both been getting a lot of duplicate messages. Not in any chronological order, but randomly. We'll send a few mesgs back and forth and then, a few minutes later, get a few of the original mesgs re-sent. Does anyone else have this problem? I was wondering if it's some sort of redundancy due to Sprint starting their SMS here in DC on Feb 3rd?
    Not sure if all the obsessing over my Treo is very healthy.
    TIA for any insight (vision, hehe) into our probs.
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