I'm at my wits end with this Sprint upgrade. I've followed the direction in the upgrade thread to a T and tried at least 20 times with no success. My upgrade effort chokes on the final .prc process. Here is what my log shows:

HotSync operation started 01/31/04 08:53:04
- Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\kh\backup\Temp007\SprintChecker.PRC
- Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\kh\backup\Temp007\SprintChecker_enUS.PRC
OK Install
- Install failed: C:\Program Files\Palm\kh\Install\ROM_Updater.PRC
Install synchronization failed
HotSync Error: Connection is lost (6410)
HotSync operation complete 01/31/04 08:55:08

I've done the hard reset, created a new temp name, attempted the upgrade but this is as far as I can get. I've even manually emptied the Palm/username/backup file to force the 1.10 patch as the only change during synch.

Nothing. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.