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    how about a list of programs that have caused the most probs on your treo and what the probs were. I think it could be of great help 2 anyone looking for apps 2 know what NOT to get.

    one of mine (as funny as it sounds) was the game Bucky. can't explain why, worked fine in the begining but then it started freezing, next it caused resets, then when I tried to delete it I could not (treo would reset when I tried). I finaly got rid of it, the shame is I liked that game :-(
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    try Dictionary to go - worked fine in the trial version, then I bought it and when I tried to enter the reg code it crashed my treo. I emailed the developer and they said they knew of the problem - so I said well don't advertise it then as being treo600 friendly !! Also, talking of dodgy games, PDA mill box solitaire doesn't work on the 600 either.

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