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    I am the first guy in our group (cardiac/vascular surgery) to use the Treo 600, and I love it!

    Everybody in our group utilizes a Motorola T900 through MetroCall.

    Our call service was able to instantly convert my pages over to the Sprint format! I am able to receive my pages on my Treo 600 and by using TreoAlertMgr from it works great! I am still carrying my pager till my fear of missing a page subsides and I actually receive them sooner on my Treo 600!

    My problem is that I don't know how to communicate back to the other pages in the group. On the pagers, everybody is entered into my address book with their unique wireless address -- Their 800-XXX-XXXX. I simply select their wireless address, type the message, and send it. They can then simply hit reply, type their message and send it back to me.

    What solutions to do I have for this issue: I want to be able to send and receive DIRECT pages from my partners' and their nurse's Motorola T900s and reply directly to their sent messages.

    Thank You!

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