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    I am the first guy in our group (cardiac/vascular surgery) to use the Treo 600, and I love it!

    Everybody in our group utilizes a Motorola T900 through MetroCall.

    Our call service was able to instantly convert my pages over to the Sprint format! I am able to receive my pages on my Treo 600 and by using TreoAlertMgr from it works great! I am still carrying my pager till my fear of missing a page subsides and I actually receive them sooner on my Treo 600!

    My problem is that I don't know how to communicate back to the other pages in the group. On the pagers, everybody is entered into my address book with their unique wireless address -- Their 800-XXX-XXXX. I simply select their wireless address, type the message, and send it. They can then simply hit reply, type their message and send it back to me.

    What solutions to do I have for this issue: I want to be able to send and receive DIRECT pages from my partners and their nurses Motorola T900s.

    Thank You!
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    I got mine to work, but our paging is on verizon. The verizon pagers each had a phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx that you could send an SMS to. I loaded them as a second mobile phone number for my contacts that have them. Send SMS to them and it works perfect. Also set SMS as my default email app to handle pages from our email system. I can return directly back to the senders email address.
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    I would never rely on the SMS for a pager, even more so as a doctor. It's not a proven formate and SPrint even has a CYA clause about it.

    But to use Treo600SMS with my wifes Motorola Flex two-way, I have to use her whole address to send 800xxxxxxx@ARchwireles...Com for it towork. Even the emoticons work on her pager from me.

    Note: With Sprints new MO-SMS being so flacky right now and it still being half SMS half MO-SMS, I would wait to test. Treo600SMS is having some issues due to Sprint changeing everyting every day or two. PDAapps is aware of this and on the ball BTW (got an email).

    Good luck, Matt

    BTW, If you find away for someone to be able to page you with your Treo600 (via the voice mail page) w/o making the phone ring (a back door or somehign), let me know, I will be one HAPPY CAMPER!!!!
    There is the TAP work around, but I nee somehting that you can just enter a number with tones.
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    Is the message format used by our Motorola T900 2-ways SMS? This is new stuff for me...

    What would be the most reliable and seamless way for me to use my Treo 600 as a 2-way pager that can participate in my group's T900 communication pool?

    BTW, Sprint is not offering SMS in my market until Feb 2.

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    The t900's have an email address usually something like

    Your t600 has an SMS email address like

    Thats how they can interoperate. SMS is about as close to the pager function as your going to get I think. But as others have pointed out, even Sprint warns SMS's may not be timely.
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    And if you read the fine print in your pager companies TOS delivery isn't guaranteed in a timely manner either.

    I get pages much faster on the ATT network via SMS than I ever did via verizon's pager service. ATT also tries to send for 3 days, just like my verizon did.

    Sprint, YMMV.....
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    Any feed for numeric/tone entry?
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    We often have delays in getting messages because of the EMF-Hostile environment of the hopsital. (e.g., lead lined walls) The solution we have is that our call center continues to page us until we respond to clear the message. Also, on pager-to-pager calls, we always respond with a simple "Yes/OK" or "Received"... just to let the other party know we got their message. We also have backups listed with the call center so that if I do not respond to a page, my backup partner will get the page.

    I guess I'll just have to program everybody's email addresses into my treo 600 instead of just their pager's phone number. No biggie, but I hat receiving all that header/footer overhead that email addresses brings with it.

    Thanks for all the continued feedback!

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