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    When I use a headset with my T600 incoming calls still ring using the phone's speaker, not through the earpiece.

    Is there something I am missing that routes the ring to the earpiece only?

    Even the headset that came with my phone rings via the external speaker when plugged in. Surely there is something I am not doing right.

    What's the trick?

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    I do not know of a program or hardware modification that does this. But I'll keep my ears open and let you know if I hear something
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    This is not the way it is supposed to work, obviously! When the jack is correctly plugged in and detected, the speaker is silent and the ring comes through the earphone.

    My phone did this once, but I did a soft reset and made sure the jack was plugged all the way in and it did not happen again!

    Good luck!

    PS The posts below clarify this behavior, the ring only comes through the earphone when it is the stereo headset. On the normal one ear with microphone headset the ringer on the handset rings (probably to avoid killing your ear with the volume!).
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    No, I think that is the correct behavior. The Treo behaves differently depending on if there's a phone headset, a stereo headset, or no headset at all. Only a stereo headset routes mp3 sounds and system sounds to the headset. I think the Treo judges what's plugged in by the impedance, and no one knows of a software override to reconfigure the default profiles.

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    I'm pretty sure that the Treo only rings through the headset when you have the stereo headset plugged in, with the adaptor. When a regular headset is plugged in (eg, with mic and earpiece(s), then it rings through the external speaker. The Treo300 behaved the same way.
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    The trick to using ANY headset is explained here

    I just answered another thread, and the answer is the same for this thread as well.
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    Due to the extremely high levels of brain-frying radiation that the Treo puts out (see the popcorn post) I keep my headset plugged in when I am driving. I LIKE the fact that the phone rings through the external speaker. I just throw on the headset, answer and start talking. I dont miss calls by having the phone ring through the headset, and I don't have to fumble with trying to plug the headset into the phone. My prior phone, a Nextel I90C rang through the headset and I never liked that.
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    I've got a Jabera that has an answer button. So I just press a button and leave my T600 in the case on my hip. I also have Treo Helper installed and have it programmed to dial "Sprint Voice Command" when I pres sthe button on the headset.
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