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    I just got a Treo 600. I'm totally new to all this stuff. I was surprised that I would have to pay a monthly fee to receive emails on the phone, through Business Connection. The SPrint salesmen told me that was my only option. I know he was wrong.

    What are the alternatives? I just need to access my IMAP Mailsnare account. If POP is cheaper or more practial I could make it work, too.

    What are the pros and cons of the other less costly options?
    Can someone please orient this confused newcomer?

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    If you already have Vision, switch to Professional and BC is free.
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    Also, Chatter is great for IMAP and has a small, one time fee.
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    I do have vision, but they told me switching to professional would be another $10 per month or something.

    Why would I choose that over Chatter?

    Are those the only two options for IMAP? If could get some other leads I'll check them out.
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    The Vision packs are all the same price. The Professional pack does not give you credit for downloads like Picture Pack and Premium Pack, but it does give you Picture Mail and BCPE free. I would not necessarily choose BC over Chatter, but since it's free for me and it's a way to get my corporate mail out on the road, I use it. I use Chatter for personal e-mail and chatting.
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    double post sorry
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    I'm just about ready to order my T600 through our corp account. I just have a few questions.

    1. If I get BCPE, will I be able to use it for two different email systems -- I use MS Outlook at my client and Lotus Notes for my company email.
    2. If I get the Vision Prof pack, can I still download ringers? How much does Sprint charge for ringers if I don't get Picture or Premium pack?
    3. Is BCPE reliable. I assume that there is some sort of client software you install on your PC. Does that mean I would have to leave my PC on all the time? If my Notes mail is on my laptop, then is it still practical to use BCPE since I'd have to boot my PC for the mail to reach my phone.
    4. Finally, how much email does BCPE actually give you on the phone. I've got a 40 MB mailbox in MS Outlook. Is there some sort of limit on what gets displayed on the T600.

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    I too would like an alternative to Sprint's Business Connection that enables access to my office PC files. I happily use Basejet to access my Lotus Notes mail, however it doesn't (to my knowledge) provide access to a folder as BC does.

    I successfully use Mobilefile for my home's PC files, but it requires disabling DHCP and defining the IP address. I can't use it for my corporate solution as I'm unable to identify the gateway address of my office network.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative for PC file access through a corporate network?

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