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    Has anyone ordered a Piel Frama case from that was for the Sprint version of the Treo600?

    I can't see that differentiates on their site, but I've seen discussions on this board about Piel Frama producing a second version for the Sprint phone. Actually, it doesn't look like Piel Frama is differentiating between GSM/GPRS and Sprint/CDMA versions of the case on their site now either.

    Obviously, I don't want to order online without knowing I'll get the correct version. I plan to call and ask but in case I can't get them until Monday I was hoping someone here knows.

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    Yes. I had no problems.

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    I received my Piel Frama case from Stylus Central on Thursday. It fits fine on my Sprint Treo 600. You can see pictures of it here:

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