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    anyone notice how much faster the treo's web browser has been since the update?

    I mean this thing is quick! blazer was really dragging there for a few weeks, but today, there's hardly a delay anymore.

    im hoping its not a temporary situation and that tomorrow will return to the usual slog, but I just had to mention this.... anyone else notice this?
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    Blazer/Vision has been so unbearably slow recently that when it actually works you think its "lightning"...LOL...
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    It was also up last night, which it hasn't been most nights. I wonder if the speed increase has to do with the ROM upgrade or a general sever/network upgrade at Sprint?
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    Blazer is faster after the Sprint update, because it downloads fast in my apartment, whereas before it was dreadfully slow!
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    Seems quicker to me as well after the update.

    Though I've been surfing a lot of PDA-optimized sites lately - usually takes < 5 seconds between pages that way, which rivals cable modem @ home.

    Note: I spend a lot of time in Indianapolis, and I *never* seem to be able to get Blazer working out there (with or without proxies). VeriChat and other data oriented apps work fine. Oh well...
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    Is there a list on the Web of these PDA-optimized sites?
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    I just started a thread on this topic:
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    Believe the majority of what you guy's are talking about is down to the speed of your GPRS connection. Any browser should be capable of dealing with data as fast as it's stuffed into it, certainly over GSM radio.

    The biggest things which impacts GPRS speed is network configuration and traffic, with traffic becoming the deciding factor at times of peak use. If there is congestion in the cell this will greatly reduce your speed.

    If the data network has been down for a few nights then possibly they picked quiet times to do planned works/upgrade.

    On Eric's topic of unable to get Browser to work in Indianapolis, this one has me stumped m8. If say, a Browser and an e-mail client share an Access Point(available connection) there is no reason why one will work and not the other. Would suggest that this is more likely to be down to differences in network setup - perhaps one requiring a specified DNS and the other not, will I.P addresses work in Browser, do the other apps have embedded host I.P addresses?

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