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    OK, just wondering if anything like this exists.

    An app for Treo 600 that will allow me to pull down voicemails from the Sprint PCS (or other) voicemail system and store them as compressed audio files on my phone. Then, while I'm on the subway, I could listen to the voicemail messages and record a response (the response automatically knows the return number, or it can ask me to input a return number). Once I get above ground, my response messages are sent off with an automated header saying: "This is a voicemail response from [YOURNAMEHERE]. [MESSAGE CONTENT FOLLOWS]."

    This would be a a verbal equivalent of email...

    I was using the Snapperfish email system like this (checking and responding to email on the subway) and thought of how nice it would be to pull down my voicemails and review them the same way, recording responses if I need to...

    The response recording feature could be dropped, but I'd love to just be able to pull down that voicemail.

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    i am in the same boat. we are trting to maximaize our time here in the city during our commute. i have never headr of an app like that and i guess the market for comething like that is pretty small. most people in this country drive cars instead of taking the subway.

    but i could see other reasons for having an aoo like what you are suggesting that broaden its appeal. messages left in the normal sprint voicemail box are lost after about a months time. there may sometimes be a reason why you'd want to keep a message permanently as a file. such a legal situation where somebody said something and you need proof of that in court later etc.

    and just for practical reasons....i don't want to have to pay just to listen to my messages. if record them to file....and later listenings are free to me without air time. (probably sprint wouldn't like this app too much....)
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    As a fellow sub-burbian Long Islander who commutes once a week for Consulting gigs, I too could use something like this.. However, it presently isn't available, and until Handspring releases some sort of FrimWare update, it won't be. Because the Voice record functions of Palm OS5 don't work as of yet on the Treo, we won't be able to record anything, including phone calls. I guess once that function is up and going, chances are before you go down into the subway, you could just have your phone playback all your messages into a "call record" mode, and then play them back while in the subway, and delete them when you're not in the subway. That would probably be as close as you can come.

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