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    Hello everyone, and MOL (since something tells me if someone will be able to help me will be him)

    I downloaded and have been using the 2.09 firmware update that is going around. I have updated over 15 phones with no problem. The phones I come across are usually for Orange but unlocked, or for Cingular also unlocked (but I think all Cingular ones are already unlocked).

    Anyhow, on two of the phones that I have done the upgrade to, things have gone terribly bad. This might be lengthy, but want to make sure I put as many of the details that I remember so that others learn from my mistake.

    Both of the phones that crashed did the same thing before the upgrade, and after the upgrade. I was running the upgrades using an SD card. With all other options, you click on the icon, and the upgrade just runs. You have to accept and continue then the update runs. However with these two phones, when I clicked the icon, it started running, but I got an extra screen this time, that was asking me to chose between two different type of upgrades. It didnít seem which one I chose it would just loop around. After doing a hard reset and trying it again, it ran just as the rest of them did, without getting the option screen between two updates. However towards the end flashing, on the last step, it went about 75% (I say about cause the last screen doesn't give the actual %) and then it just froze.

    They tell you right there "Do NOT RESET UNTIL DONE" but after 3 hours of it just sitting there nothing seemed to respond, so I did a recent, and well now the phone just powers on to first (I think it reads palmone with a white background, not sure cause I donít have the phones here with me at the moment). So my guess is that now it doesnít have anything readable in the ROM. The second phone did the same thing, on the same spot. I left that one sit without doing anything over night, and well in the morning same thing, it still showed the bar at around 75% and nothing would make the phone respond except a reset, which again just puts the white screen with palmone in the middle, and nothing works. In fact only way to turn it off is by doing a battery reset (like a hard reset, but holding K and the BACKSPACE, then hitting the reset button on the back, and letting go once it powers back up as you would in a hard reset).

    So the question, does anyone know of a way for me to revive these phones? There should be a way to update the ROM correct?

    Also another question other people might be able to answer. I have noticed that when I run the 2.09 firmware upgrade that I have, it goes back and takes off the logos and replaces them with the handspring one, and with the Orange phones, it resets the Favorites button by taking out the word "orange". This is something the 2.08 firmware up date didnít do. Does anyone know if the 2.09 firmware upgrade going around actually unlocks the phone already? Again, the phones I come across are always already unlocked, and after I run the upgrade they are still unlocked.

    Well thanks in advance for all and any comments.
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    So many readers, and not ONE ANSWER?????
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    I'm pretty sure there's nothing u can do other than flash the rom externally, but u would need a lot of EE skill and a ROM programmer with a ROM of the Treo 600. I doubt many would have any idea how to go about doing that, but it's possible that's your only option other than bring it back and try to haggle for a new one. HS has no problem when you send it back, all they do is reflash the ROM with a special programmer I'm sure, no software interaction is needed. For all I know, you may be able to find one of those programmers on ebay. If I'm wrong, someone let me know, but I don't think I am.
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    Thanks for the reply. I do have access to lots of different ROM flashers, I can install Orange, Cingular, At & T, Handspring Generic International, etc etc. But the only way I know how to flash the phone is by running the .prc files of off an SD disk, but since the phone won't do anything, I can't access SD disk. Hoping maybe there is a program out there that would run the PRC on my computer and force it to update the ROM on the units. Sounds far fetched I know.

    Also, I had HS repalce a few phones for me already, mostly cause the front speakers keep going out (they have replaced 3 of them for me, and they still tell me they dont have it as a documented usual problem, go figure).

    Thanks again.
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    Originally posted by Lacnne
    But the only way I know how to flash the phone is by running the .prc files of off an SD disk, but since the phone won't do anything, I can't access SD disk. Hoping maybe there is a program out there that would run the PRC on my computer and force it to update the ROM on the units.
    Your last chance is probably with the PalmDebugger running on a PC, and connected to the Treo with a serial cable. You'd need the Handspring version of the PalmDebugger that's available on their developer page.

    If you perform a "reset" debug (i.e. a reset while pushing the "down" button), it will put your Treo in the debug mode using a debugger that is located in the Small ROM of the device (which isn't affected by the corrupted Big ROM problem, hence the need for a separate Small and Big ROM)

    The trick is that there's no easy way to reflash the content of the ROM, you'll have to work your way toward this goal by reading docs (namely the debugger doc, of course, but also the FlashROM chipset manufacturer doc to find out the code and sequence required to initiate a ROM reflash on a portion of the memory...

    You can read more about this kind of solution here, but this was written for OS3 (or maybe OS4) so it can't be applied "as is" to an OS5 device, plus the fact that the chipset manufacturer may not be the same (hence the code and sequence will certainly differ to reflash the ROM). Don't try to use OSFlash, too, the same remark applies to it, but you can probably resurect your devices with a lotof work...

    Unfortunately, my skills are definitely not up to this task, otherwise I'd have written a ROM reflashing tool long ago, a tool without which my humble ROM editor was sure bound to become useless as things turned out...

    Hope this helps, maybe you can trigger the curiosity of someone more talented than poor little me!

    In a last resort attempt, you can beg Brayder's guys for help. I know for a fact that they don't support the Treo 600, but they've achieved a similar method to reflash the ROM on PalmOS devices with their custom-made ROM Crafter program, so they'd be the guys with the knowledge to do such a resurection (they helped me recover a similarly messed up Tungsten T, but then it was definitely a supported device)

    Good luck anyway!
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    send it to Handspring? Others with failed FW updates have done so successfully, despite warnings by a few here that HS won't honor the device warranty. Can't hurt to try.

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